Anand Mahadevan

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An educator and author, I approach all interactions with a learning lens. Having lived and studied in India, Canada, the US and Germany, I value diverse experiences and how they open us to new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. As an immigrant who arrived in Canada with $500 in his pocket in 1996, I am grateful to the many mentors and organizations who helped create opportunities for me to succeed at university and in the wider world. Paying it forward and creating new opportunities for the next generation to flourish drives my work as an educator.


Current Reading List

I've always been attracted to Jorge Luis Borges's notion of the unlibrary, the books that we haven't read. We live in a time where knowledge is growing exponentially and more accessible than in all human history. So education becomes the art of developing context and asking questions about where our gaps are, what we have left out, where we can still grow. This is an example of my current unlibrary

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